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Three Things that Can Hurt Your Brand

by Ingrid Elfver

Personal and Brand Development

Three Things that Can Hurt Your Brand

Protecting Your Brand: As brands become more successful, they often try to “play it safe,” protect their existing success, and only do what’s worked previously. But, if your brand is going to survive—and thrive—you need to do new things and take calculated risks for your brand to keep evolving. It’s easy to believe a successful brand can’t get to another level, but there’s always a next level.

Copying Other Brands: Modeling successful strategies employed by other brands in your industry—and other industries—can be genius. It can also be limiting. The brand strategies that often bring the best results are unique: one-of-a-kind, individualized, and personalized strategies that are difficult for other brands to copy or replicate.

Not Taking Enough Ownership: It’s wise to consult and collaborate with experts and advisors about the direction of your brand. But, if you want your brand to be as successful and fulfilling as possible, you need to be the ultimate decision-maker. Others can contribute, but you need every one of your team members to follow your lead and vision instead of the other way around.

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