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Three Things that Can Hurt Your Personal Development

by Ingrid Elfver

Personal and Brand Development

Three Things that Can Hurt Your Personal Development

The Law of Attraction: You can create whatever you dream of, you are truly that powerful. But “The Law of Attraction” needs to be combined with the right action. Focusing on what you want—visualizing and affirming the future reality you want to manifest—is important. But so is the right personal development strategy, action, and belief in your ability.

Positive Thinking: Focusing (sometimes) on the negative is honest and realistic. Bad things happen, even to good people. Most of your thoughts should be positive and productive. But, if you only think about what you want, you’ll quickly lose touch with what is. And you’ll be blindsided, devastated, and possibly destroyed when bad things happen—instead of preparing for it so you can turn your adversity into opportunity.

Too Much Yes: No one wants to be told “No” or have someone disagree with them—unless they’re smart. The most successful people are quick to acknowledge they don’t know everything, about everything. They surround themselves with others who are competent and mindful to help them achieve their goals that may seem out of reach, and to overcome the challenges in their way.

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