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What's Your "Frequency"?

by Ingrid Elfver

Personal and Brand Development

What’s Your “Frequency”?

Think about the moments or periods of your life during which you’ve felt the most “in your flow” or “in your zone.” In other words, the times you’ve felt like you were exactlywhere you were supposed to be, doing exactlywhat you were supposed to be doing—at a high level. Moments like that can feel effortless and they can make you feel unlimited, like you’re tapped into “the force of universe,” “a higher power,” or some type of “Infinite Intelligence.” On the inside, you’re clear, centered, and confident. On the outside, everything you’re doing is clicking. As a result, you also feel more energetic and magnetic. This state of elevated awareness, connected, and effectiveness is what Ingrid calls “high frequency.”

This high frequency state is reinforced by thinking, saying, and doing certain things. It’s also reinforced by surrounding yourself with likeminded people who value high frequency. Anyone who’s excelled at anything understands this basic idea, but most people don’t use a proven method to help them harness it. In other words, most people aren’t as conscious as they can be about why they’re high frequency sometimes, but not other times—and they’re not able to sustain it when they are in that state. For most people, being high frequency is somewhat or entirely unpredictable. But there are ways to raise the frequency of yourself and your brand—and keep it at a high level for more harmony and better results.

Tune in, turn it on, and turn it up

No one can stay in a high frequency state all the time, so that shouldn’t be your goal. But everyone can follow simple proven strategies to elevate their frequency. And everyone can learn how to stay high frequency in the face of their greatest fears, as well as in the face of their greatest challenges and adversity. When you’re consistently in a high frequency state, you’re more creative. You’re more efficient and productive. Your “crazy wild dream goals” seem more attainable. You manifest more opportunities and relationships that are good for you or your brand. You feel more present and in harmony with who you are and where you are. And you have a more positive impact on others.

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