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Who Are You "Masterminding" With?

by Ingrid Elfver

Personal and Brand Development

Who Are You “Masterminding” With?

“Masterminding” is when two or more people gather with a common goal. When this happens, an invisible 3rd force of energy is created that leads to a greater outcome than the sum of the parts. The idea of mastermind isn’t unique to Ingrid. It was greatly popularized by Napoleon Hill in his book, Think and Grow Rich. However, Ingrid is unique in her ability to mastermind with the most successful people in a positive and productive way: seeing and supporting them, stretching them and challenging them, and holding them accountable—in a kind and inspired way.

Ingrid’s Unique Mastermind Process

Ingrid’s unique “mastermind” approach to helping individuals and brands get to the next level is more empowering than “coaching,” “consulting,” or “mentoring.” Ingrid is more of a muse, co-creator, and collaborator who doesn’t tell her clients what to do. Instead, she helps them see opportunities and make the right decisions for them. In other words, decisions aligned with their biggest and best vision of themselves and their brand. The more successful someone is, the more they need an objective, third-party support to make sure they’re making decisions for the right reasons. There’s too much at stake.

Too often, individuals and brands make decisions based on partial information, or incorrect information. They make decisions based on what they think or feel they need to do, instead of what they really want to do. They make decisions based on false perceptions of themselves and their industry. They make decisions based on advice from people who don’t see the whole picture or don’t have their best interests at heart. They make decisions based on a small, limited view of what’s possible instead of what’s really possible. And they make decisions that sometimes lead to external success but also internal stress, disharmony, imbalance, and unhappiness.

This style of working with people is deep, high-level, and transformative. Ingrid’s clients typically say that, even years after working with her, they’re still benefitting from this unique and empowering type of mastermind experience. The process is designed to reinforce your ability to follow your own “inner guru” and develop a greater trust in your own instincts and intuition—in a grounded and results-based way. This ability to confidently tune in with and follow this type of Infinite Intelligence within oneself is the most valuable asset that any individual or brand possesses. It allows the seemingly impossible to suddenly seem attainable, which is the first step toward creating it.

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